The Kindergarten Section of SIS admits children between   2.5 to 5.5 years of age.

Our method of teaching enables the kids to master skills required to move into the mainstream. The curriculum is designed to develop the total personality of the child, laying equal emphasis on academics as well as physical & creative activity.

Teachers are trained to handle a variety of projects which spark the imagination. We groom our students to be self-reliant &responsible individuals.

The core skills, the specialty of SIS, is the main part of our program ie.

  •   Self-confidence
  •   Practical Skills
  •   Develop Motor skills
  •   Listening & Speaking Skill
  •   Language
  •    Number Counting
  •   Personal Traits
  •   Creative ideas
  •   Rhymes
  •   Nature study
  •   Games

SIS prepares children for academic success as well as in co-curricular fields. Our dedicated teachers, outstanding academics & varied enrichment classes,  all contribute to a challenging, yet nurturing program. Our classrooms allow a personalized approach to reaching students irrespective of whether your child is academically gifted or has learning differences. Excellent achievement scores illustrate our academic success & happy well-rounded children reflect our positive learning environment.  The core skills of our program are,

  • Outstanding  student-teacher  ratio
  • Weekly skill classes like  art, computer, library, HPE, Physical education karate, yoga
  • Remedial teaching for academically weak.
  • Round time activities.

Keeping in mind that the schooling years are a time of great physical, mental and social development,   we   ensure that opportunities are created to meet the developmental needs of the students

The course of studies is very challenging, age-appropriate, and from a variety of curricula. Students have the opportunity to become involved in many cultural & sports activities. All these activities help to build strong friendships & teach students the value-based lesson of teamwork & sportsmanship. A sound program of educational choices complemented by talented faculty and a positive learning environment helps our students achieve these goals for themselves.

School is not just for students! An active Parent Teacher Association also contributes to school life in many ways. The school organizes workshops, training, and activities for parents to participate in both on their own and with their children.