Our Facilities


The school provides excellent library and reading room facilities. A well organized and laid out literary service is one of the distinctive features of the school. The school library has a collection of wonderful & exciting books suited  to the needs & tastes of growing children covering all spheres of activities and varied tastes.The library boasts of a story telling area, an ideal place .


DTS is a complete Digital Teaching Solution for E-Classroom which consists of Digital Teaching Device,Interactive Board,Projector and Visualizer. This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience.It can happen across all curriculum learning areas


The school has an Audio- Visual Room equipped with multimedia computer with LCD Projector,where interactive teaching of all the subject through computer take place.To support audiovisual room activities ,a large number of Audio /video casettes  related to all the subjects,are available.These lectures are then projected in the AVRooms through an LCD projector through enhance the learning experience.


Our school boasts of a highly equipped and well-stocked biology laboratory. The idea is to enable hands on learning by the students, “Learning by doing” being the motto of our bio lab..